About Santa

Santa Bruce Glasgow and Kathy Gilbreath are 2019 graduates of the Northern Lights Santa Academy and 2018 graduates of the Charles W. Howard Santa Claus School in Midland, Michigan.  Recently retired from Georgia Tech, they are reinventing themselves to bring joy to children of all ages.

Please check out our Posts to see all the places that Santa visited this Christmas season!

Santa Bruce Services

Santa Bruce and Mrs. Claus are available for Christmas-themed events including home visits, parades, photo sessions, school visits, senior visits, office parties, and celebrations with family and friends.

Home Visits

There is nothing like the joy and sense of wonder that Santa Claus brings to children.  Imagine the excitement your children will feel if they spy Santa putting out their gifts, or catch a glimpse of him as he samples the cookies they left especially for him!


Nothing says that Christmas is coming quite like a parade, especially when everyone is waiting in anticipation for the special appearance of Santa Claus!

Photo Sessions

Santa loves to work with photographers to help create those special family photos that will be cherished for years to come!

School Visits

Santa and Mrs. Claus can visit your school or daycare to enhance any Christmas party.  They can visit with the children, lead the group in song, pose for pictures, or help distribute gifts or party favors.

Senior Visits

Adults in assisted living facilities have not forgotten Santa Claus.  Love of Santa begins at an early age and stays throughout life.  A special visit by Santa and Mrs. Claus brightens any Christmas season.  


Whether Santa is handing out Secret Santa gifts at your office party, or surprising your guests at your holiday get together,  he’ll make every celebration an event to remember!


Address:   Atlanta, Georgia 30345
Email:  santabruceglasgow@gmail.com
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Phone:  (404) 725-3479

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